New Avatar

Hey guys I know it’s been a while, but I was really busy and now I’m being a ninja posting this X) But surprise! New profile pic! I know I know its a crappy picture but I did it sneakily 🙂 it is me and my pug. I am wearing a carnivale mask (assassin’s creed… Continue reading New Avatar

Hello everyone 🙂 here is today’s skycam. I apologize for the crappy pictures (I was out and about and used my phone). In Tiger country today, it is sunny with not a cloud in the sky 🙂 it is a bit chilly though, with a bitter bite to the breeze. Next week it is going… Continue reading

Skycam 10/4/15

Hey everyone! This is my first official skycam, which is basically a few random pictures of what the sky/weather is like over here in Tiger Country. The weather right now is Cloudy, chilly and somewhat depressing. I would like it more if it was snowing or raining. Some how it reminds me of all the… Continue reading Skycam 10/4/15